Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dearest Husband..

Photo by Welfred's Photography

Supposedly, I should give you a paper on our 1st anniversary but I'm not a traditional kind of girl..

It's been a year that I said "I do" in front of God and to our loved ones and until today and forever, I still do.

It's been a year since you started waking up next to me, saw me in my messy hair and my "no filter" face, you saw me fat and thin but til now you still look at me like I'm the most beautiful woman you've ever seen.

Taken from one of our trips together.
It's been a year since you supported me with my passions or should I say my addictions (cloth diapers, carriers, breastfeeding) and your always on my side whenever someone criticizes my parenting style. You believe that what I'm doing is the best for our baby. (It really is.) I want to say thank you for all the funds.

It's been a year since you always, always cheer me up when I'm frustrated. I always tell you my sob stories and I ended up laughing and feeling stupid after I realized that its just a petty thing.

It's been a year that I became your wife... and I'm proud of it! I'm now Mrs. Hazel Ruth E. Oclarit-Cabrera, RN (murag artista hahaha!).

Thank you for never breaking my heart. I'm sorry if sometimes I'm so into being a mom that I forgot to be your wife but I know you'll understand because we both love Brett Lucas (and our children to come hahaha) very much. I love you and Happy 1st Anniversary!

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