Monday, July 6, 2015

What Did I Get From Breastfeeding?

They say "best things don't come cheap" but I say sometimes best things can't be bought by money. I can name you one. That thing was the one that nourished my baby. A liquid gold that flows out of my breast called  BREASTMILK. I don't have to spend our money because I just have to pull up my shirt when my baby gets hungry.

I have to admit that I almost gave up breastfeeding my child. My problem from day one was my nipples. They looked like a volcano that has a a crater, they are inverted. Brett is always confused where to suck and his cries break my heart. I was thankful that there was a way to make the nipple out. To the one who made the improvised syringe that let my nipples out, I owe so much to you!

Breastmilk is easily digested in a baby's tummy so they feed every 1-2 hours. Before I got to pee or sleep, Brett is already hungry. I lack of sleep and I can't do what I need to do. I remembered that I joined Breastfeeding Pinays as my BF advocate OB suggested. Since I was too busy stalking cloth diapers while pregnant, I took time to read everything in the groups files. The hardest part is when you put your baby down but gets awake because they startle. Then I learned that I can feed while lying down. I don't have to get up and put him down after feeding. I also don't have to worry burping him after because there's no air in my breast right?

Nights get better and then suddenly.. aww! I got sored nipples. I swear it was so painful that I wish my son don't get hungry. But when I visited my OB she told me I can used my own breastmilk to heal the sore and after a few days it was gone.

Sounds hard to breastfeed? I will now take you to the best part. So what else did I get from breastfeeding?

Compliments. People are all praises to me that I chose the best. They can also see that my baby is very healthy. I remembered a Pediatrician thanked me for breastfeeding my baby and told me I'm a good mom for doing it to my baby.

I also got my body back! I was so fat when I was pregnant and breastfeeding got me to back shape. I burn 500 calories everytime I'm breastfeedig so I can eat the whole pizza! I eat with no worries!

Though breastfed babies aren't bulletproof, my baby got sick but he gets well quickly. We didn't spend much for his medicine and we don't spend money on vitamins because my milk has everything. It also contains antibodies that protects our little ones from diseases.

We don't also have to spend on contraceptives. As long as baby is exclusively breastfed and menses did not returned yet I'm safe from conceiving about 98% for 6 months.

To moms and moms to be take this from me. Breastfeeding is 99% determination and 1% supply. Meaning, if you are very destermined to do it, you also can be successful with it. Make time to educate yourself. There are so many myths our there that could discourage you. Don't think you can't breastfeed because you have small boobs. Be patient. It would hurt like hell at the first month but it would get better. The relief feels like heaven. You will feel sorry for those who have to pay for their child's milk. Don't think that letting your child drink a very expensive formula milk is a luxury, you have to know that breastmilk under the microscope is a liquid gold. Save that money and reward yourself.

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