Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why do we Need More than One Wrap

my very humble stash
Yes, I have more than one wrap and it doesn't mean that I am boasting it. *peace yow* It is actually a very humble stash. Though some people don't understand us wrapping mommas why we need more than one, here are my reasons..

1. We need different sizes for different types of carries.
You need a size 2 if you want a quick rebozo, a size 3 if you want to do a hassle free kangaroo carry, a size 4 if you want an abbreviated Front wrap cross carry, size 5 for a full FWCC and size 6 to do your fancy back carry finishes.

2. We need different blends for different seasons.
You may need a 100% cotton wrap for cold seasons since they are mostly medium thick and medium heavy, and jacquard or a linen for a hot summer season.

3. They wont hurt your back and your budget.
You can have a wrap for as low as 250 php if you are good at DIY (you need a lot of research though) or a local handwoven wrap at 1,000-2,000 php or a nice imported wrap at 3,000 php. My cheapest wrap cost 400 php. 😊

4. We can't resist gorgeous designs.
Self explanatory.

Having more than one wrap is not a sin. It is not a "luho" either. It is for our convenience in carrying our little one. 

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