Friday, May 15, 2015

How We Saved the Earth by Chaging Diapers

If I didn't bumped to a mom who was very into cloth diapering, I would have used disposables. Well, saving the Earth isn't my first concern by then. I admit, I was attracted by the cute prints that these reusable diapers has unlike the disposables that obviously look plastic and hmmm doesn't look nice at all. So I had my first purchase (so fluffy!) And joined Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays. I thought I would just settle for 3-5 pieces because I didn't knew using it exclusively would be possible. Until I was surprised I had 20 in my stash (and growing) before giving birth to my precious.
It's a One Size Fits Most (OSFM) so it can be used from newborn until baby will be potty trained. Great huh? Though I wasn't able to use it exclusively when Brett was still a newborn because he poops every after feeding. It's hard to handwash with all the poop plus I can't leave my son because he is breastfeed and kinda clingy. We exclusively used our CDs when he was 2 months old where he only pooped once a day at least.
I enjoyed every cloth diaper change. I'm always excited of the next cloth diaper Brett would wear. And thinking I saved the Earth for not throwing the soiled one, I saved my son's bum from rashes and I saved money because I can reuse them.
Newbies to cloth diapers be like "how do you save from it? It costs 220 per piece". Uhm yes, its costly at first but think of it as an investment and as long as you are using it, you get your money back. Plus if baby will be potty trained already, you can sell them or you can keep it and pass it on to your next squish. Since I am a thrifty momma I only buy when there are great deals like sale or free shipping. I also buy in bulk to have bigger discounts.
Some parents are not using cloth nappies because they find it inconvenient for them (it's okay, it's your child, your choice). They think cloth nappies have special washing care. Yes, they do. Since we want them to last long right? But it isn't what you think. Just stay away from fabric conditioners, bleach and brightening agents. They can damage the PUL and causes repelling (see Google) . We used the cheapest detergent powder to wash our nappies and it woks for us.
And if you will ask me if I spent most of my time washing nappies? No. Brett is breastfed so I just toss all his used nappies (even with poop) to a pail and wash them on the next day. I don't worry about the poop stains, just wash them properly and dry them under the sun- all stains will be gone.
I hope this post would help you somehow to choose cloth on your own baby. Don't be overwhelmed. I've been there too. You can visit my online shope @ Chuvaerma Boutique Facebook page. I sell cloth diapers too. Send me a message if you have questions. Happy Cloth Diapering!

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