Monday, May 18, 2015

Who's Too Lazy to Give Birth?

A woman was strapped in an operating table. She was given medications for her not to feel the pain in her ultimate battle.The baby was out. She was stitched again. I guess that's all you knew about Cesarean Section. Mother's just lie there and viloa! baby is out with no effort. Do you see them as lazy mothers?

I gave birth via CS in a day I will forever remember. You don't know how scary it is especially when you knew what exactly is going to happen (I assisted many CS operation). As much as I would like to give birth normally, it's not meant for me. I can't risk this baby who's been inside me for nine months. So, I decided to have emergency CS.

My bag of water got lower than the borderline and my baby was struggling. I can say I was lucky because I was adviced by my OB to return that day to have my ultrasound since my bag of water is always at borderline. I was hesitant to go to the hospital that time because no one can take me there. But my mom persisted. When its my turn for the ultrasound, the sonographer asked me a lot of questions and it was unusual to me to lie there for a long time. She said my bag of water is low. As a nurse I knew what that mean. I should give birth immediately or else.. and I became hysterical. I'm scared. The doctor asked me if I would give birth normally and they will closely monitor my baby but to my judgement, I can't take a risk.I heard 2 mothers lost their babies that week because of the same condition. So my husband signed that I will had the operation that night.

While I was at the Operating room, there's a lot going on my mind. Until I was sedated. Even I was sedated, I was scared. What if I feel the cut? Oh no! What if I won't woke up? But the Anesthesiologist reassured me. Then afterwards I woke up,still groggy and I saw my little baby. I was nauseous when a certain medicine is injected and sometimes vomited. The recovery was hard for me. I had cough and I worry the stitches would give in. I can't move a lot. And I felt the pain that I was so scared of. It reaaaaaly hurts! but I am thankful for my hubby for taking care of me and our baby while I was still recovering.
I am very jealous of those mom swho are brave enough to give birth normally. It's not easy too i know. But people should not judge us moms who gave birth via CS because every scars tell different stories. Are we lazy and didn't actually gave birth? What's important to me now is that I saved my little one.

Here's baby Brett fresh from the womb.

Brett at one day old.

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