Friday, May 29, 2015

Wrapping Is Everything

One time, while I was breastfeeding my son, I felt back pain and I cannot do things I needed to do. I am a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) with no helper at home. Although my family and hubby offers to carry my baby, they can't stand carrying him for a long time. And because I'm exclusively breastfeeding, I cannot leave without my baby. Traveling is so hard for me before I knew babywearing. Indeed, carrying our little one is one of our job as a mom.
Until I found Babywearing Philippines. I learned a lot through the group. I thought all carriers I saw everywhere are safe but I learned that the common carriers that I see are the Narrow Based Carriers (NBC) and most of them are not safety tested. Of course I would choose a carrier that is best and can't put my baby into danger. So my first ever carrier was a Hybrid type.
Hybrid carrier
I love it because it is easy to wear but honestly I didn't used it often because it has a definite size and I felt that though I got the right size, its too tight. It's also not airy and I learned it will get sagged once baby is getting heavier. I switched to Meitai since it is also a two shoulder support and I wished that my hubby could wear our baby too as it is not so complicated to wear. I can adjust the tightness that I prefer. I was wearing it for the first time in like 2 hours, I noticed I always adjust it because baby was slouched. And after wearing it, God, I had the worst back ache in my entire life.
This time, I tried my luck for wraps. I was too afraid to use it because my baby might fall if I missed a step. When I tried wearing a wrap, I was surprised that it is actually easy. And I felt like "oh my GOD! thank you for inventing wraps!" . I can adjust the tightness, baby is on optimal position and no more back aches for me. Then I started to learn the different carries since wraps are the most versatile of all carriers. I learned rebozo, kangaroo, back carry and hip carries aside from Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). It's one of my hobbies at home and we both enjoyed it. I also learned that we need different sizes for a certain type of carry (see my next post about Why We Need More Than One Wrap).
I'm practicing back carry here
My first 2 wraps were locally made. I'm happy that I support our local weavers. And then I started dreaming of an imported wrap. It is not easy to get since you need to buy them at online shops abroad. Then a lovely mama offered me to join her purchase on Little frog. When I got my first wrap from Poland I felt contented that I got to own a wrap that I dreamed of. And now, lucky are the mommas because they don't need to wish for a star to have their DISO Wraps because Wraps by Little Yeoh will make them available for us. They are authorized retailer of different imported wraps here in Philippines. The prices are almost the same with the prices abroad which saves you a lot and save you from visiting and pleading at Customs. They also offer lay away to their selected products. Plus the owner (Claud Arellano) is so accommodating and a babywearing advocate too.
Well that was a wrap on our search for the best carrier. When you found the right one that suits you, you can't stop loving it.
Our travels are easier with babywearing. I'm using Little frog Sunny Agate II.

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