Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Frustrations Over Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs)

This post can't be biased. We have one SSC that was given to us (Thanks doc Pauline). I love how convinient it is especially if we are in a hurry and going for long walks. My baby outgrown the Pognae SSC at 10 months so I looked for another SSC.
My choices are only limited to Tula, Lenny Lamb and Kokadi. I research the three carriers before deciding and this made me very frustrated:
1. They are expensive. I knew this from the start. It may somehow break the bank. Safety tested carriers are expensive. My choices of SSCs would range 7,000 php to 10,000php+ depending if its only canvass or wrap conversion. Imagine what can you buy with that. But somehow, I saved money for that so I go on with my research and got frustrated again.
2. They come with sizes. Baby size, toddler size, preschool size.. I don't know what size should I get. Since my baby is almost a year old, he would outgrown the Lenny Lamb baby size and the toddler is too big for him because he's petite. Tula baby size is okay but I'm afraid he will outgrown it again. Kokadi Flip would be awesome since it is adjustable but it leads me to my next frustration.
3. They have weight limit. I almost ordered Kokadi Flip at Little Yeoh Trading FB page but I was so sad that the weight limit is 15kgs only. And my son is a heavy baby. We might not use it when he reaches the limit, and I'm so tired of destashing carriers which explains why I'm desperate of finding the one carrier for us. 
4. It's bulky. I have seen a toddler size and it's too big for me. You know, I'm a petite momma. I can't imagine myself wearing toddler size SSC (but hey! I would love to try). 
5. So many terms like PFA, waistband, buckles etc. that I don't understand and I would rather search for a new wrap carry than find a dictionary of the terms.
6. Since I destashed my other wraps, I would miss wrapping when we will have SSC and I think I had a God-given talent for wrapping, so this is very frustrating for me. 
Got a headache after that research. I swear it's true. Unlike wraps I only got headaches when there's a new release because the designs are just so lovely. I would love to have another SSC but I think its not for me. 
I predicted the ending would be purchasing another wrap again. I'm thankful that eventhough Claud Yeoh (Little Yeoh Trading owner) provided me all infos about the SSCs she understood my love for wraps. I preordered my super DISO Kokadi Erna in Wonderland from her and I'm very much excited!
This is a biased conclusion but it's the reality.. If you're on a tight budget and you want to have a carrier that can be used from newborn to toddler or whatever age your baby is, go for wraps. It has weight limit but usually up to 45kgs. Very good for any ages. Enjoy a two shoulder support without hurting your back. Easy to use. 
What are your thoughts about SSCs? 😄

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