Tuesday, January 5, 2016

REVIEW: Nona Imagine Blue Ice

Baby: 13 mos old, 8.4 kgs
Wearer: Petite mommy
Type of carrier: Imagine Blue Ice woven wrap
Brand: Nona Woven Wrap
Website: https://www.facebook.com/nonawovenwraps
Authorized local retailer: Coming soon
Size: 5 
Fabric content: 100% cotton
Type of weave: Jacquard
Surface weight: 246 gr/m2
Width: 28 inches
Suitable for: Newborn to toddler
Hand and machine washable
Type of carries done: FWCC, Short FWCC, FCC, Kangaroo, back carry with knotless tibetan finnish

I felt lucky to be chosen as one of the tester for this masterpiece as this was so beautiful in the photos and now that I saw it personally, I felt even more lucky.

The design is beautiful and elegant. I can imagine wearing it just at home and on special occassions. It is gender neutral- you and your husband/wife can use it to your baby girl or baby boy.

It was partly broken in when I received it (as I am the 5th tester). It feels not too rough and not too soft. It has the right grip that I want since I love kangaroo carry. I can easily pull the rails which helped me achieve a good wrap job.

I love the support of this wrap. It has the support that I have been looking for. My baby is almost weightless. It is also forgiving, even someone with noob wrapping skills will feel its support. 

I thought that the tester wrap is size 6 because it gave me nice tails but when I checked it, it was a size 5. So I can't really say it's 4.2 meters. They have longer allowance to shrinkage than other brands.

The wrap is affordable, as far as I can remember, the size 5 costs about 3,500 in peso (excluding international shipping fee and tax). 

I'm gonna rate this wrap as 8/10. I love the performance of this wrap but I hope they will make their middle markers larger. I would recommend this wrap to newbie and expert wrappers, to parents who have limited budget but would love to own an international made wrap, to those who are tired of destashing and restashing and to those who are looking for their one and only wrap.

I would love to hear and answer your questions. Comment them below. ☺️

Hazel 💋

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  1. Thank you for your lovely review! Since this was a tester, there weren't any middle markers yet :) In our actual production they are added!

    Thanks again for your feedback!

    Musetta (Nona Woven Wraps)